About Wellin

Following an intensive period of research and development, we        discovered the power of Milk - nature’s hidden gem in the            hills of New Zealand.  Our “eureka” moment arrived when            several independent clinical trial results linked a concentrated      milk protein from the regions grass-fed dairy cows found to          support some signs of joint comfort.                    


Additional testing for efficacy was concluded, and our scientists        worked diligently to formulate and eventually patent what            would become our proprietary super ingredient – Keriflex™.


Keriflex™  is a natural, dairy derived ingredient used to support your overall health and wellness!

  • An all-natural derivative from cow’s milk that is low-lactose, low fat and high protein. The product is made in New Zealand, and there are no added hormones or antibiotics.

  • Though derived from milk, Keriflex™ is so low in lactose that most people who are lactose intolerant can take the ingredient without side effects.

  • Contains 860mg of Protein per dose

  • Contains 10mg of IgG Immunoglobin G per dose

  • Enhance Overall General Health

  • Self affirmed GRAS


Wellin is a natural health and wellness company dedicating to developing consumer products that help reduce joint discomfort.  The company’s patented and proprietary ingredient has been clinically tested and is self affirmed GRA.

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