Inspired by the

Nature of New Zealand to help revitalize your Life! 

Scientists have long marveled at the ability of milk to help promote human wellness. The scientists at Wellin took this a step further …. Discovering  a natural supplement, derived from the milk of pasture fed New Zealand dairy cows. Produced through a patented process that isolates and concentrates milk proteins and other bioactive micronutrients. 

Safe & Clinically Tested 

Keriflex™: Our Super Ingredient  

Our patented and super ingredient Keriflex™ has a higher concentration of the immune factors naturally found in milk make it very effective. In farming these New Zealand dairy cows, the use of added hormones and antibiotics are strictly forbidden. Special treatments were developed to stimulate the cows’ natural production of immune and other factors in the milk.  In our most recent clinical study participants found support signs of joint comfort.
  • Grass Fed

  • Pasture Raised​

  • Kosher Certified

  • Partnership with Cooperatively Owned Farms


Wellin is a natural health and wellness company dedicating to developing consumer products that help reduce joint discomfort.  The company’s patented and proprietary ingredient has been clinically tested and is self affirmed GRA.

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